SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

We believe this is an over sold service.   Apparently, some people read a book about web development, discover Meta Tags and Alt Tags, and think they’ve found the holy grail of search engine optimization.   The fact is, that misuse of Meta Tags and Alt Tags can get your site penalized by the search engines, doing more harm than good.

Google offers this advice: Write good and valuable content.   In fact google doesn’t even use the Keywords Meta Tag for determining page rank.   If you are going to use Meta Tags and Alt Tags, they should support that content by highlighting what is important in the human readable portion of the page.

Any web developer worth their salt is going to populate the meta tags and alt tags as they go.   The exception might be on sites that use content management systems, as it becomes somewhat more tricky to supply them for dynamically generated pages.  If Meta and Alt tags have not been created on your site, we’ll gladly add them for you, starting at $50.00 for a small site.   This will not likely produce dramatic results, or possibly any results at all, so don’t stress over them.   Much better search engine ranking results can be achieved by posting some new content to your site at least several times a year.


Search Engine Submission:

We believe this is also an over sold service.   You don’t need us, a special program, or anyone else for this.

Google is undeniably the number one search engine with roughly 65% to 85% of the market share, depending upon who’s numbers you use.   You can submit your site to them for free, although a better route is to get a link to your site placed on a site that already has good rankings.   The most reliable way to do this is to write an article about something related to your website’s content and submit it to a popular blog, ezine, or social media site.   Avoid duplicate content at all costs.

All the other search engines are competing for the remaining 15% to 35%.

Yahoo always use to be number two, but recently Bing is finally getting some traction.   Even still, these are the number 2 and number 3 search engines which are getting at best 20% combined market share.

The notion of submitting your site to thousands of search engines is just an absurd waste of effort.


Pay for Clicks:

We have not found this to be cost effective for most businesses.   The reality is, even if you skip the middle men and buy from google ad words directly, you find that there is a bidding war for key words that runs at least $5/click for anything interesting.   That is like giving a $5 color catalog to everyone that comes by.   If your business will support that, great!   If not, then it is probably not the best use of your marketing dollars.   We’ve seen package deals that sound good, but the reality is you will never get more clicks than google will sell you for the bid price.

Most businesses would be better served by focusing on getting good organic search results through good and valuable content and getting linked to from other popular sites.


Domain Names:

This is your url or web address. e.g.

Network Solutions was the first registrar and remains the master registrar for the .com names.   Nobody remembers the extension, so buying a name that ends in .net, .org, or .anything else is just a waste at best.   At worst, you generate traffic for the guy who holds the corresponding .com domain.   We register our domains through Network Solutions and pass along what they charge, which right now is $34.99/yr. with multi-year discounts available.   You can bring your own domain name and leave it registered with another registrar, but if you need us to configure it for you, you probably won’t save too much money doing it that way.



Some of our clients host on godaddy and do save money, however, their sites are typically much less responsive than the ones who host with us.   We charge $200/yr. for hosting.   You can bring your own hosting service.   However, we do not recommend hosting it on your own computer.   Hosting is best provided by Linux servers in secure colocation facilities on an internet back bone with backup power generators.   Anything else is going to cost more and be a source of endless grief.


Updates and Changes:

We are happy to perform any updates and changes to your existing web site.   Adding or changing content starts at $50.00/page.



We are happy to webify and post graphics to your website.   Typical charges start at $50.00 for these changes.


Website Construction:

Picking the right tool for a new or replacement website is an important decision.   There is always that tradeoff in ease-of-use vs. flexibility.   The least expensive programs let you do some things quickly, and make other things impossible.   Choosing the wrong tool to start with may require a complete rewrite using a better tool later.

For most small businesses these days, we recommend a wordpress site.   You get a very nice looking website right out of the box in which you can manage content from any web browser.   For more specialized needs, we do offer custom designs using DreamWeaver and other Adobe tools, at a substantial premium.

We provide wordpress setup from $250.00/small site.   As you would expect, larger sites are more expensive.   Yes, wordpress does boast a 5 minute install, and it is true.   We, of course, provide additional work necessary to get it ready for prime time, including:

  • Tweaking the theme with your logo and colors
  • Installing and configuring gallery and contact plugins
  • populating the site with your content and images.


Additional Services:

  • Custom Design Services (web and print)
  • Photography (architecture, real estate, products, and concepts)
  • Programming (browser/client side, and database application/server side)

Bidding custom work is one of the more difficult aspects of our business, as it takes substantially more effort, there are a lot more variables, and many more unknowns.   We will be happy to take a look at your project and provide you with a proposal with a fixed bid if it looks like a good fit.


Thank you for your interest in Visibility Works, Inc.   We look forward to working with you on your project. Simply contact us today to get started.


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